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The key tasks assigned to the CRM system by one of additional offices of the MIEL company were: automating the working process, associated with bulletin boards; analyzing the effectiveness of freelance realtors at work.

In addition to the main tasks, the implementation of a CRM system in the company had to solve common problems for all real estate agencies, namely: storing and managing a base of rent and sale of real estate objects and houses of residence, a database of clients, deals, bills and payments.

Important criteria for finding an appropriate CRM system were: adaptation and implementation rates, end user-friendliness, presence of built-in modules for automating business operations and creating analytical reports, and most importantly, presence of an open source code in a system.

The vTiger CRM system suited them as best as possible. It has already a rich functionality ready for use, a lot of powerful designers and ready-made integrations. Moreover, it is based on the open source system and is not limited in use.

The CRM system was connected to 4 popular bulletin boards - "cian", "avito", "yandex" and "mail". Managing the publication of advertisements on these boards is executed directly from the object card in the CRM system. The user chooses the objects which he wishes to publish on a specific board. After the director approved it, they are automatically downloaded into the CRM system. Also, they can be removed from the publication through the CRM system.

The issue of autotracking of the effectiveness of freelance realtor performance was solved by means of the VorDOOM Simply KPI module. The director creates the required KPI for his subordinates, and indicates the planned value and period. The system automatically collects the actual performance figures, closes the past period and opens a new one with the same plan. Management can only supervise the performance of KPI in the reports.

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