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The company is engaged in providing research writing services for students who, for some reason, do not have the opportunity to do the work on their own. At the time of contacting us, the Customer already had a sales website through which students left requests for writing scientific papers, which then came to the manager via e-mail. It was necessary to automate this process and link the authors to this scheme.

The main tasks set by the Customer were as follows:

• to automate receiving and processing applications from the sales website;

• to automate communication between a manager and an author;

• to automate receiving applications for becoming authors.

The vTiger CRM-based order management system consists of two subsystems - the CRM system itself, in which the company’s manager and management work and the authors’ portal, in which the authors indicate their prices for doing this or that work, and in which they communicate with the manager and hand over the finished work.

The main idea of ​​implementing the CRM system is as follows: requests from sales website for writing scientific works, like thesis, course paper, essay, etc., come from customers into the CRM system. Then, the manager reviews all applications, contacts the client, converts applications into orders, clarifies open questions and changes the status of the order to “under consideration”.

As soon as the order gets “under consideration” status, it automatically becomes available to the portal authors. They can view the order card and offer their prices for accomplishing the work. Each author has his own list of disciplines under which he takes works. Accordingly, he views applications only for orders under one of disciplines selected by him.

After the deadline for submitting applications from authors ends, the manager chooses the author offering the appropriate price and assigns this order to him in the CRM system. Further, the order is automatically hidden from other authors and becomes available only to the person who performs it.

During the execution of the order, the author may ask questions to the manager directly from the portal. The manager receives messages from the author directly in the system, in the order card. Upon completion of the order, he attaches the document and clicks the “submit for review” button and the order becomes unavailable for editing by the author.

The manager can accept the order or send it for revision by changing the order status correspondingly.

For applying to become “an author”, a special webform is provided on the main website. Here those who wish to become authors indicate the required information about themselves, contact details and desired disciplines, and after that these applications fall into the CRM system. As soon as the status of the application turns into “approved author”, the corresponding notification is automatically sent by e-mail. After that, they can enter the portal and leave their applications for the execution of works.

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