A Bulgarian outsourcing company, specializing in the provision of accounting services, turned to us for help in establishing working interaction with customers.
Extension allows administrator to personalize record layout of any module by switching blocks into tabs in “Module Layouts & Fields” editor. Also extension allow to combine multiple blocks into one tab. The custom layout you create are accessed by all users across your Vtiger CRM.
The main task set by the company was to integrate vTiger CRM with Facebook. Customer said: “potential investors leave their contact details in Facebook. We would like them to immediately "go" to the vTiger CRM. Further, we would like, a potential investor, depending on the country, to receive a welcome SMS message in their native language on behalf of our company. Coordination of interaction with the investor through the manager is required with
In past, the company used the Terrasoft platform, but the management was not satisfied with the pricing policy, limited functionality and the lack of deep customization, and it was decided to switch to the open source vTiger CRM and to improve the paperwork by doing so.
For convenience and improvement of interaction with patients of the medical center has been developed patient portal based on vTiger Customer Portal. Clients of the clinic now have the opportunity to communicate with doctors online, without leaving home. The vTiger CRM with an integrated patient portal allowed specialists to better plan consultations, download the necessary documentation and give appropriate recommendations to patients.
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Our team has enough experience in vTiger CRM to bring all your ideas according to life. Our experts will analyse your business needs and recommend you how to solve it better. And after our developers make it in your crm system.

What we do

  • Basic functional upgrade and customization
  • Migration crm to higher version
  • Migration from another crm to vTiger
  • Extensions and Modules Development
  • API integration with other software
  • 2rd, 3rd lines technical support

Send us your requirements by webform below and we will estimate it and back to you soon. Also you can send it on support@vordoom.com