The extension allows you to exchange WhatsApp messages with contacts directly inside vTiger CRM.
The extension allows you to generate reports on vTiger data based on SQL queries directly from vTiger CRM.
Extension allows you to get technical support on vTiger CRM usage from VorDOOM Team specialists directly inside vTiger CRM.
Special variables of the summary block
Special variables of table_row block
Products Module Variables
Helpdesk module variables
Potentials module Variables
Vendors module variables
Contacts module Variables
Accounts module variables
Purchase Order Module Variables
Orders module variables
Quotes Module Variables
Invoice Module Variables
Responsibles data available in all module
Own organization data available in all modules
PDF templates is a flexible mechanism for setting up printing forms for different vTiger modules.
Extension allows you to mention any vTiger’s user in the comments. So that this user will receive an email stating that he is mentioned with reference to the vTiger’s record. It is possible to integrate with the VDNotifier module, which will allow other users to receive instant alerts in the vTiger that they mentioned in the comments indicating the entry.
It is possible to receive instant notifications of mentions directly inside the Vtiger. See here how Mention vs Notifier Pro integration works.

Our team has enough experience in vTiger CRM to bring all your ideas according to life. Our experts will analyse your business needs and recommend you how to solve it better. And after our developers make it in your crm system.

What we do

  • Basic functional upgrade and customization
  • Migration crm to higher version
  • Migration from another crm to vTiger
  • Extensions and Modules Development
  • API integration with other software
  • 2rd, 3rd lines technical support

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