The customer is a small company, engaged in courier delivery. The company interacts with various courier services. After registration of the application is done, the employees transfer it to the right courier service, and after that the order processing and delivery process begin.
The key tasks assigned to the CRM system by one of additional offices of the MIEL company were: automating the working process, associated with bulletin boards; analyzing the effectiveness of freelance realtors at work.
In this CRM implementation project, our task was to automate the receipt and processing of leads (potential customers) as much as possible.
The company is engaged in providing research writing services for students who, for some reason, do not have the opportunity to do the work on their own. At the time of contacting us, the Customer already had a sales website through which students left requests for writing scientific papers, which then came to the manager via e-mail. It was necessary to automate this process and link the authors to this scheme.
The main task set by the Customer was to automate sales as much as possible, i.e, it was required to automate the process of selling course subscriptions as much as possible, based on the specifics of the business.
An enterprise, manufacturing various packaging tapes (food and industrial ones) is our client. It can be listed among “fast growing companies”. It receives a lot of orders that need to be processed. Its production is growing. It is necessary to constantly monitor the shipment of manufactured products to the right customers. In times when the company was just starting its manufacturing activity, they did not think about using CRM system. However,
The company is engaged in the installation of local area networks, as well as connecting them to the Internet as for individuals so for legal entities. They used the Terrasoft system for automation of their business. However, in course of time, the business started to expand and this led to the necessity to automate new business operations. Terrasoft failed to cope with this task due to low level of scalability. And the company management decided
A company, engaged in developing various systems for automating business processes for its customers, turned to us. The company is quite young. It has a small staff of developers who solve specific problems as for small so for medium businesses. However, the growth in the number of customers has led to the necessity to automate their own business processes. For doing this, our customer used the BPM-online system. But our customers were not satisf
The company, specializing in writing course papers and theses turned to our company. It was necessary to automate all operations, processing applications, payment, billing and much more, and that makes doing this kind of business easier.
A company, providing various automotive equipment, in particular, tachometers, reached out to us. It is a fast growing company, with a number of customers constantly growing up. So, the time has come for them to automate the entire business process. For doing this, they turned to our company asking to develop a module that would help to automate and facilitate managing business as much as possible.


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A company, engaged in water supply, asked us for help. Their business is dynamically expanding, they get new customers every day, and orders for water supply are received via the internet. The company had already been using vTiger CRM system, which allowed them to automate the business to a great extent. However, the company management decided to introduce a reward system in the form of special bonus points. Therefore, our developer had to ma
The Institute of Labor Protection and Energy Saving is one of our customers. This is a company, which is engaged in certifying products, medicines, services, assessing the work conditions, certifying workplaces and staff.
A Bulgarian outsourcing company, specializing in the provision of accounting services, turned to us for help in establishing working interaction with customers.
Extension allows administrator to personalize record layout of any module by switching blocks into tabs in “Module Layouts & Fields” editor. Also extension allow to combine multiple blocks into one tab. The custom layout you create are accessed by all users across your Vtiger CRM.
The main task set by the company was to integrate vTiger CRM with Facebook. Customer said: “potential investors leave their contact details in Facebook. We would like them to immediately "go" to the vTiger CRM. Further, we would like, a potential investor, depending on the country, to receive a welcome SMS message in their native language on behalf of our company. Coordination of interaction with the investor through the manager is required with
In past, the company used the Terrasoft platform, but the management was not satisfied with the pricing policy, limited functionality and the lack of deep customization, and it was decided to switch to the open source vTiger CRM and to improve the paperwork by doing so.
For convenience and improvement of interaction with patients of the medical center has been developed patient portal based on vTiger Customer Portal. Clients of the clinic now have the opportunity to communicate with doctors online, without leaving home. The vTiger CRM with an integrated patient portal allowed specialists to better plan consultations, download the necessary documentation and give appropriate recommendations to patients.
One of the customers, who turned to us for help, is a company specializing in implementing of the car around view systems.
The main task set by the client was to automate the processing of managers’ incoming calls and, subsequently, the tours themselves as much as possible; to automate the travel agency activities based on the specifics of business processes found in the range of travel services; to make the vTiger CRM flexible, transparent and easy to use for management, moving gradually from the customer’s call to receiving feedback on the tour and staff work.
The main task of vTiger CRM implementation was to automate the creation and subsequent write-off of daily payments that are used to repay the loan. Based on daily schedule vTiger CRM calculates, creates and then sends to the bank information about the amounts to be written off on a specific day for all active transactions.
Our client is an Austrian agency specializing in organizing exhibitions of turnkey art by means of creative, multidimensional synthesis of room design, electronic and digital media, lighting combinations, graphic design and other processes.

Our team has enough experience in vTiger CRM to bring all your ideas according to life. Our experts will analyse your business needs and recommend you how to solve it better. And after our developers make it in your crm system.

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