vTiger Asterisk / Elastix integration
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General Info

  1. There is no embedded softphone in CRM. Use additional softphones like Zoiper, X-lite and so on.
  2. All your extensions should be assigned to crm users
  3. To use Click-To-Call function you need to connect softphone with the same extension that you have in user profile.
  4. Call history collected only if destination extension exist in one of user profile in CRM. User can be NOT logged in CRM.

Incoming Calls

To see Incoming Call Popup in crm you need to be logged in crm and your user should have extension number in profile that used in your Inbound Route.

*For example if destination of your Inbound Route is Extension - this extension number should be in user profile. If destination is Ring Group - in user profile should be one of Ring Group’s extensions etc.

Screen from Inbound Routes page in Elastix 4.

Vtiger User Profile screen with extension number field.

vTiger Incoming Call Popup. *Call from already saved phone number in crm.

vTiger Incoming Call Popup. *Call from new phone number.

* Email that you entered will be saved in Email and Name fields. And you need choose type of customer you need to create.

** We can modify this Incoming Call Popup as you need.

*** If you using Missing Calls vTiger extension you will not see this popup. As soon as call with new phone number appears Missing Calls create new Lead and show link to this new Lead in popup. We can modify Missing Calls launching if you need. So it will be launched not as soon as new call appears but by schedule, per hour for example.

Outgoing Calls. Click-To-Call

Just click on phone number in List View or Profile and its initiate call to customer. Click-To-Call works with all fields with fieldtype - phone.

* First you will have incoming call to your softphone. Then after you hang up you will be connected with your customer.

Click-To-Call function in List View

Click-To-Call function in Profile

Call History

In Calls module you will have all incoming and outgoing calls history.

Also you can find calls in related tabs in customer’s profiles

* In Customer profile you will see only calls related to him.

In Call Profile you will have the following information about Call:

Field Name


Call Type

Incoming or Outgoing call


Name of customer if number exist in CRM

Customer Number

Customer number if exist in CRM

Start Time

Call start time

Recording URL

Possibility to listen recording of call

Call Duration (sec)

Call duration. After off-hook


PBX module name - Calls

Created Time

system creation time

Incoming Line Name

DID number. Your phone number that customer called


Calls status. Automatically updates in real time


User, who assigned to customer. If customer number exist

Customer Type

Customer type if customer number exist in CRM

End Time

Call end time. When hang up.

Total Duration

Duration from start calling to hang up

Source UUID

Asterisk call record id

Assigned To

CRM user who this call assigned to

Modified Time

Time of modifying

Created By

User who created call record in CRM. Usually it is Admin user

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