VorDOOM WhatsApp 2.0 for vTiger CRM 7.x
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The extension allows you to exchange WhatsApp messages with contacts directly inside vTiger CRM.


- receive WhatsApp messages directly in vTiger CRM

- answer to WhatsApp from vTiger CRM profile

- start new WhatsApp chatting from any crm profile

- no need to leave the vTiger CRM for chatting

- all WhatsApp chatting history is saved in vTiger CRM

- tracking the status and response time of the messages

- the history of WhatsApp chatting can be copied to the Comments module

- sends WhatsApp messages from standard vTiger`s Workflows by any triggers

Installation steps

1. Go to Vtiger CRM Menu > Settings > CRM Settings

2. In Settings Shortcuts block select Modules

3. Click Import Module from the Zip button in the right corner.

4. Check I accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed

5. Click Select from My Computer button and choose WhatsApp 2.0 zip archive from your computer

6. Click Import button at the bottom of the page

7. Check out the license to use the module and if you agree, check the box.

8. Click Import Now button at the bottom of the page

9. Wait information that you have downloaded the WhatsApp 2.0 module. 

10. Click Import now button

11. Wait information that module WhatsApp 2.0 has been imported successfully.

12. For existing accounts without administrator privilege, new extensions may be not available because of role privileges. To make available new extensions for existing accounts we will update privilege settings for existing users. Go to Vtiger CRM Menu > Settings > CRM Settings (р. 1 of instruction).

13. Go to User management > Roles

14. Select role 

15. Without any changes click the "Save" button to update privilege settings. Make these actions for all roles.

16. For configuring the extension your account needs to have administrator privilege. Go to vTiger CRM Menu > Settings > CRM Settings (p. 1 of instruction)

17. Got to Other settings > WhatsApp Connector

18. Open Configuration panel for WhatsApp Connector. After the WhatsApp 2.0 module installed, you need to log into WhatsApp, enable WhatsApp for needed vTiger modules and make other settings.

19. There are few settings buttons in the right corner. Using them, you can Reboot WhatsApp, Set Webhook and Disconnect vTiger CRM from WhatsApp. Disconnect clears settings and disconnects the phone number from web.whatsapp server. Reboot - logout and login again. Click on Edit button to edit settings. 

20. Edit mode opens. To get your API key and Auth Token contact us by email pls support@vordoom.com

21. Country code: this is the important setting before you start using WhatsApp integration, If you already have records in vTiger CRM with phone number without country code this setting will help. 

If your entries in vTiger CRM do not have country code as a prefix: in this case select country code if you want to apply country code as a prefix to all phone numbers of all modules where you’ve enabled WhatsApp Integration. It is needed because WhatsApp requires “Country Code” to send a message to contact.

For example: If record phone number is “987654321” and country code is “+1” than WhatsApp number become “1987654321”

If your entries in vTiger CRM have country code as a prefix: in this case keep country code field blank

22. In Allow access to users field you can select users or a group of users to enable WhatsApp module

23. The Active button keeps the configuration active. You can disable configuration without disabling the module itself.

24. With this checkbox, you can show unknown WhatsApp messages only for admin or for non-admin users also.

25. You can select WhatsApp window mode view. Right to Left view (Preferable Middle East Country) or Left to Right view (Default)

26. In the Access to modules block you can choose the modules that Whatsapp will have access to. Click on + button.

27. The list of modules contains modules that have a field with the type of mobile phone.

28. Save the configuration by clicking the Save button. If the Api Key and Auth Token is configured correctly, click the Set Webhook button and then you can attach your WhatsApp phone number. To do this, you need to get the QR code and scan it by your smartphone. 

To receive the code, click the Scan QR Code button. 

If the QR code does not show, please contact us by email support@vordoom.com.

Before Scan QR Code open WhatsApp Apps in mobile phone Logout of All instance of web.whatsapp from Settings > WhatsApp Web > Logout from All devices

29. After successful authorization of WhatsApp, you can start receiving and sending messages by WhatsApp. Go to the vTiger home page and click on the WhatsApp icon on the control panel.

30. Opens WhatsApp panel. Click on contacts group filter button

31. A pop-up with contact groups opens. Contact groups are divided into contacts with new messages, contacts with unknown phone numbers, and contacts from modules in the records of which there is a field with the mobile phone type.

32. After selecting a contact group, the list of contacts in the group will be loaded in the left panel

33. Select a contact and start chatting like in the WhatsApp messenger. The history of the chatting with the contact will be available to you. You will see the date the message was sent and received. Also, you will see the status of the message - two check marks when the message is received and read by the addressee.

34. You can also start chatting on WhatsApp with a contact from the record in modules that have a field with the type of mobile phone. Go to CRM Menu > Marketing > Contacts (for example)

35. Open the contact card that contains the mobile phone. Click on the WhatsApp icon next to the name.

36. The WhatsApp window opens with the history of chatting with the contact. You can start a chat like in WhatsApp.

37. To copy chat history from WhatsApp to the vTiger standard Comments module, click on the messages icon.

38. Select period of messages that should be copied.

39. Select how to create comments for chatting history. If it needed to move the entire chatting history into a single comment. Or it needed to create a new comment for each message.

40. To configure sending a message to the user on the WhatsApp number via Workflow go to Automation > Workflows

41. Then create a workflow by standard way with the Send a message on WhatsApp task.

42. You can select recipients of messages by vTiger modules, which have a field with the type of mobile phone.

43. In the text message template, you can insert a variable with a value from the common vTiger fields or fields associated with the selected module.

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