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An enterprise, manufacturing various packaging tapes (food and industrial ones) is our client. It can be listed among “fast growing companies”. It receives a lot of orders that need to be processed. Its production is growing. It is necessary to constantly monitor the shipment of manufactured products to the right customers. In times when the company was just starting its manufacturing activity, they did not think about using CRM system. However, as the production was growing, such a necessity came out.

The customer placed a tender for the development of a CRM system. But all the proposals included ready-made solutions and elements that the customer did not require. According to the results of the tender, our company VorDOOM won, since we offered our customers only what they needed at the moment.


The VorDOOM company has developed an automation system considering all the requirements of the customer, as well as the subtleties of this business. As a result, the customer received a CRM system, which helps to:

• automate the work of logical services;

• manage customer database;

• set up invoices for payment;

• generate reports for tax service and counting room;

• manage the staff work;

• manage production and sales plans;

• generate statistical reports for the selected period.

Moreover, the official company website was integrated with the CRM system and the CRM system was integrated with the IP telephony. Due to the open source code and our professionalism, the CRM system fully meets the needs and requirements of the customer. If desired, new modules and elements for solving new issues may be added in the future.

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