Automation of work in travel agencies
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The main task set by the client was to automate the processing of managers’ incoming calls and, subsequently, the tours themselves as much as possible; to automate the travel agency activities based on the specifics of business processes found in the range of travel services; to make the vTiger CRM flexible, transparent and easy to use for management, moving gradually from the customer’s call to receiving feedback on the tour and staff work.

The first step was to develop a telephone call designer using 4 techniques of successful tour sales.


After the greeting and the travel agency introduction, an inbuilt scenario follows, allowing the potential customer to make out that the company is a professional in the tourist market segmentation. Owing to the vTiger CRM, a manager can easily find out not only the name of the customer and his contact details, but also the latest comments left by other managers.

The vTiger CRM allows to process information of cold and hot calls, the effectiveness of a personal meeting, recording the discussion in the fields and sections specially designated for this. As a result of the step-by-step execution of the conversation script, an “Application” for the purchase of the tour is created in the system, and the manager continues working in it, pushing the customer to make a purchase.


A set of questions that allows the manager to collect as much information as possible, including the holiday destination, type of activity, budget preferences, etc. This method is good because the subscriber says more than the manager. In this case, the manager only needs to record the received answers in the required fields of the script. The designer assumes asking certain questions, receiving from the client information in the amount of 80%.


There are four main objections that are regularly encountered in tour sales: “I will think about it”, “It’s expensive”, “No. I don’t need it. Thank you!” and the fourth one appeared in times of crisis -“No money.” The system provides several answers to each objection of the subscriber in order to make it easier for managers to work. The manager does not need to learn them by heart, it’s sufficient to simply press the required button in the conversation script and the vTiger CRM will tell you how to handle this objection.


It allows the manager to record the actions performed: either done, or not done. The functionality of the vTiger CRM is aimed at assisting the staff in controlling themselves. 

After some period of time, a custom reports mechanism was developed in the form of charts, diagrams, which simplified the analysis of input data; an automatic newsletter mailing to clients and a module for tracking the status of financial settlements, mutual settlements of affiliates and counterparties with parameter details were set up.

At the request of the travel agency management, the module on access rights control was finely tuned, which is responsible for doing organizational work with the customer base. The module is built considering the presence of a large network of travel agencies. With that, all branches work with a single customer database, but they have the right to access only their own customers and requests. For network management, the uniform reporting for all offices and managers is provided.

The mechanism for application processing considering the different types of tours in the vTiger CRM includes:

• automated formation of printed forms, vouchers, contracts and other documents of primary importance with tracking the status of mutual settlements with corresponding details before the receipt of the application;

• generating of all management reports on the budget structure;

• generating of reports of financial results of the travel agency.

• preparation of PDF templates for quick printing of contracts, additional agreements, strict reporting forms, certificates of acceptance of documents and services performed.

• Let’s summarize. Thanks to the designer of telephone calls, the travel agency managers make 40-60 batch calls to “cold” customers in a day in addition to calls to the “hot” base. The conversion in tour sales has increased, as employees no longer worry about what to say to the customer and what to do next after the sale.

The wide automated functionality of the system based on vTiger CRM allowed employees to adjust the workflow in maximum coverage, generating reports and documents, managing tasks, and controlling the level of sales.

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