VorDOOM Online Payments for vTiger CRM 6.x Installation
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Extension allows your customers to pay for your services online. All the data regarding online payments automatically gets in vTiger CRM.

After extension installed you will get special page for online payments. Footer, Header, Privacy Policy and Agreement on this page can be modified as you want. You can select Contact or/and Organization that will created automatically during Customer self-billing. Once your Customer successfully pay Invoice this info will passed in CRM and Invoice status will change on Paid automatically.


- Customization Online Payment Page

- All Products have personal page for online payment

- All Invoices have personal page for online payment

- Payment status automatically returns to CRM

- Customer can create and pay Invoice by himself

- Works with standard Workflow module

- Works with standard Report module

Payment system available - Standard PayPal, 2checkout

We can integrate your merchant - contact us by support@vordoom.com

Installations steps

1. Go to Vtiger CRM version 6.x Click to Gear -> CRM Settings

2. Into Settings Shortcuts block select Module manager

3. Scroll page down and click on Import from Zip

4. Click on Choose file button and select VDOnlinePayments zip archive from your computer and check I accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed

5. Click Import button

6. Check I accept the license agreement.

7. Click Import now button.

8. Wait for the message that module "VorDOOM Online Payments" was imported successfully and click OK.

9. For configure "Online Payments" module your account should have administrator privilege. Log in as administrator in vTiger CRM 6.x. Go to vTiger CRM -> All -> Online Payments

10. You will see Online Payments Installation Wizard. Click Start button.

11. On this page you can configure general module settings.

Invoice Status After Create - status of automatically created Invoice.

Invoice Status After Success Payment - invoice will automatically get this status after Customer successfully paid.

Invoice Status After Fail Payment - invoice will automatically get this status after Customer failed paid.

Client Type - you can select Contact or Organization or pass this choice to Customer. Contact or Organization will automatically created in vTiger CRM system and link to Invoice.

Assigned To - user that will be automatically assigned to Contact/Organization and Invoice.

(!) If you select Choice Contact or Organization value your Customers will have possibility to select on Online Payment Page how they want to register in vTiger CRM system - as Contact or Organization.

12. “Invoice Page Header” block.

Here you can specify header of Online Payment Page.

13. “Contacts and Organizations Fields Information” block

The functional look likes as standard Webform module. You need to select fields that will be on Online Payment Page, mark fields as mandatory or hidden. These fields will be placed on Online Payment Page.

14. “Invoice Page Footer” block

Here you can specify footer of Online Payment Page.

15. “Privacy Policy” block

Here you can specify Privacy Policy on Online Payment Page, that will opens by clicking on Privacy Policy link.

Opens in popup.

16. “Terms and Conditions” block.

Here you can specify Terms and Conditions on Online Payment Page, that will opens by clicking on Terms and Conditions link.

17. Configure general module settings you need and click “Save” button.

18. Click on Payment Method Settings

19. On Payment Method Settings step you can switch on/off and adjust available payment methods. Contact us by support@vordoom.com and we will connect payment system needed to you. Click on Pencil icon next to PayPal field.

20. Switch on PayPal method because it is switch off by default and need to set email of PayPal account to receive payments. After that click Save button.

21. As an example we have imported module “VorDOOM Online Payments” in our vTiger CRM 6.x demo. Log in using this credentials.


login: demo

password: demo

22. To get personal link to online payment of current Invoice you need to go to Invoice profile. Go to vTiger CRM All -> Invoice

23. Open current invoice profile by clicking on it’s name

24. Click on Online Payments on left menu

25. Click “Online Payment page” button

It will open payment page

26. To get personal link to online payment of current Product or Service you need to go to Product profile. Go to vTiger CRM Products.

27. Open current product profile by clicking on it’s name

28. Click on Online Payments on left menu

29. Click “Online Payment Page” button

It will open Online Payment Page. The Page has two steps. First step allows create Contact or Organization by your Customers and select quantity of Product/Service.

Second step allows select payment method and pay

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