vTiger Prestashop Connector Installetion
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Folder from vtigersync_3.zip should be placed in prestashop root directory

  • vtigersyncconfigconfig.php

here connection with vtiger - ​link, access token and sync time interval

  • vtigersyncconfigmapfields.php

here field mapping - vtiger field vs prestashop fields

  • vtigersynccronvtigersync.sh

this file should be added in cron

You need to create table in Prestashop database and insert data inside


  `id` int(11) NOT NULL,

  `time` datetime NOT NULL,

  `actual_order` datetime NOT NULL,

  `actual_contact` datetime NOT NULL,

  `actual_product` datetime NOT NULL,

  `next_order` datetime NOT NULL,

  `next_contact` datetime NOT NULL,

  `next_product` datetime NOT NULL,

  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)


INSERT INTO `vtigersync` (`id`, `time`, `actual_order`, `actual_contact`, `actual_product`, `next_order`, `next_contact`, `next_product`) VALUES

(1, '2017-01-31 09:00:02', '2017-01-31 09:00:02', '2017-01-31 09:00:02', '2017-01-31 08:45:01', '2017-01-31 09:15:02', '2017-01-31 09:15:02', '2017-01-31 10:45:03');

Its nessesary to create field in vtiger Product profile where will be placed prestashop_product_id


line 282 - need to place fieldname of prestashop_product_id that created in vtiger

$queryResult = $this->client->doQuery("SELECT * FROM Products WHERE cf_753<-!!HERE!! = '$sku';");

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