VorDOOM Asterisk Connector installation instruction.
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VorDOOM Asterisk Connector uses for integrate vTiger 6.x to any Asterisk versions using ami interface. After integration you will get possibility Click-To-Call from CRM by clicking on Customer phone number. All incoming calls will displays in popup window with caller number information. If call recording enable you will can listen it from Customer profile.

Also all call information like duration, caller number, did number (if you use several) and so on will be available in CRM system for analyzing.

5 steps to start vTiger Asterisk Integration by VorDOOM

  1. Setup Asterisk Management Interface (AMI)
  2. Upload Connector files to Asterisk Server
  3. Setup connections in Administrative Panel
  4. Run Connector
  5. Install and setup new PBX Manager in vtiger

Asterisk Settings

1. Include AMI and support AJAM



enabled = yes

webenabled = yes


port = 5038

bindaddr =

Add this parameter in the general section to switch off logs about each connectivity of Connector in Asterisk console


To apply the settings run the command

$ service asterisk reload

2. Create user with necessary accesses




deny =

permit =

read = cdr,reporting,originate

write = reporting,originate

To apply the settings run the command

$ service asterisk reload

3. Published AJAM interface on port 8088 mode HTTP








Server Settings

1. In root folder of your website on the server where Asterisk is deployed (usually the folder /var/www/html) create a directory vdasterisk

$ mkdir vdasterisk

2.  Upload and unzip Connector archive in vdasterisk folder

$ tar xvf ./vdasterisk.tar.gz

3. Check the rights: all files and folder vdasterisk must be owned by the user that is running the web server. Usually, this asterisk:asterisk (but you need to check for the specific case). File permissions 644, folder 755.

$ chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/www/html/vdasterisk

4. We have developed an Administrative panel which is located at the address: http://<your server>/vdasterisk/admin/configure.php

5. If You need to password protect the Administrative panel - you need to rename the files (in a folder admin) .htaccess.example and .htpasswd.example to .htaccess and .htpasswd respectively. If the password is not needed just skip this step.

Go to the folder /admin and run the command:

$ mv .htaccess.example .htaccess

$ mv .htpasswd.example .htpasswd

Then to create a password to access to the Administrative panel in the /admin directory need to run the command:

$ htpasswd .htpasswd username

Instead of "username" use your desired username and after you will be prompted to create a user password.

Correct the path in the AuthUserFile parameter of file .htaccess if you are installed Connector to a folder other than /admin.

Administrative Panel

1. Asterisk and MySQL Connections

Fill Asterisk Connection details from http.conf file (almost all cases they will be the same as default settings). And fill MySQL Connection details. Without these parameters system will be inoperable.

If you use Elastix or FreePBX you can find database connection details in the file /etc/amportal.conf

$ cat /etc/amportal.conf | grep AMPDB

2. CRM System Section

Here you need to define type of your CRM, set CRM link and access details.

To find Access Key go to User Profile and scroll bottom

3.  Click-To-Call Section

Usually to change these settings is not necessary so you can leave them default.

4. Other Settings Section

Caching list of active calls in seconds need to reduce the load on Asterisk. We caching response to Asterisk. It is not advised to change the value of this parameter.

The full path to the folder with the recordings - often it is /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. If a path is not specified - not play the records in the CRM.

Server Time zone is specified for the correct transmission date and time of created records in CRM. The list of available time zones can be found here -  http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php. If the time zone selected incorrectly call time in CRM will be incorrect.

Run Connector and set up Autorun

1. Copy file vdha.service to /etc/systemd/system/ to start the demon which integrate Asterisk with vTiger CRM

sudo cp /var/www/html/vdasterisk/vdah.service /etc/systemd/system/

And check permission for these two files - it should be executable

sudo chmod +x /var/www/html/vdasterisk/php.sh

sudo chmod +x /var/www/html/vdasterisk/start-vdah.sh

Install and setup new PBX Manager

1. Go to vtiger Module Manager and install new PBX Manager by click Install from zip

2. Then go to PBX Manager settings and put necessary information

Outbound Context field not necessary no. You just need put there anything to be able Save data.

If something went wrong

Open System Check page in the Administrative Panel

http://<your server> /admin/check.php

If any errors you will see it in Current Value column with error message.

If all checks passed but still there are problems please contact our support by email - support@vordoom.com

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