How to use Simply KPI vTiger extension?
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1. To create new KPI go to Simply KPI module and click on +Add record button

(!) You need to have permission to add record in Simply KPI extension according Sharing Rules

2. KPI Wizard opens. Fill all mandatory fields on General tab and click Next.

  • Title - name of your KPI
  • Period - KPI’s period. For example manager should has 10 won deals per month.
  • Module - KPI’s module. For example manager should has 10 won deals and the module will be Opportunities.
  • Employee - users and groups of CRM system. You can select more than one employee and after save KPI will create for each of them.
  • Target - plan of KPI.
  • Description - it is not mandatory but strongly recommend to use it)

(!) Simply KPI module has End period field that filling automatically when you select value in Period field. All values of Period field means Current. For example id now is Friday and you created KPI with Week Period - the end of period will not today + 7 day, but will be Sunday of this week. After current period end Simply KPI copy KPIs on next period automatically. It gives you historical data and possibility to view dynamics on long period.

3. After General page done you will see KPI filter page. Here you can specify your KPI. For example if your KPI is - Quantity of Won Deals - on General page you selected Opportunities module and here you need to select Sales Stage field equals Close Won.

(!) You can use several filters if you need.

4. After specified filters you need to specify measure of your KPI - quantity or sum.

For example if your KPI is Quantity of Won Deals - you need to select Quantity. If you KPI is Sum of Won Deals - you need to select Amount (SUM).

5. After clicking Save button your KPI (or KPIs) will create and module will automatically track all actions in vTiger CRM system and if action will with module you selected in KPI and according filters you selected - value of result field will increase.

Simply KPI module allows in standard Report module so you can create any reports you need.

These fields will filling automatically by Simply KPI module, not manualy.

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